Ennis Aluminium is a leading provider of Commercial Windows and Doors. From automatic entrance systems and shop fronts, to complete curtain wall glazing, we have fabricated and installed quality installations nationwide for the last 40 years.

Commercial Windows & Doors

Commercial Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors

Ennis Aluminium & PVC is a leading provider of commercial Windows and Doors nationwide for more than 40 years. A well established company, we have a proven record in the provision of automatic entrance systems, shop fronts, curtain wall glazing, and more, in hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and other retail and commercial outlets.

Ennis Aluminium is a recognised leader in the Automated Door industry. We install state-of-the-art automatic doors for a wide variety of projects, and offer sliding, swinging, revolving and folding doors – as well as a variety of sensors and controls.

With a vast range of products for commercial, institutional, industrial and transportation use, Ennis Aluminium is proud to provide a comprehensive service and maintenance program customised to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Ennis Aluminium & PVC
Shop Front

Shop Front Fitting

We specialise in the design, manufacturing, fitting and installation of all types of commercial glazed and aluminium shop fronts, including glass shop front entrance systems with automatic doors.

Aluminium shop fronts are light, strong and durable, providing manageable and cost-effective solutions for even the most demanding design.
We manage all stages of construction: including frame fabrication; the provision of windows and doors; security locks; glazing; stall risers; framing; and even emergency glazing for bespoke systems.

We offer a complete design fabrication and installation package for shop fitters, with shop entrance screens custom made to client requirements. The company has completed many projects for a wide range of businesses, and we provide locations and further information on request.

Ennis Aluminium & PVC
Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall Glazing

The Curtain Wall method of glazing allows glass to be used in large uninterrupted areas to create consistent, attractive façades. Ennis Aluminium & PVC products offer flexibility and choice, allowing the client control over every aspect of the installation's performance – from thermal and solar considerations to the ultimate design statement for the building.

Our range combines efficient thermal properties with some of the lowest U-values achievable in insulating glass units, and a broad range of solar control. In application with large glass usage, the solar gain may be excessive and must be controlled. We offer high light-transmission with solar control that retains a natural look with our 'neutral appearance' glass products.

At the other extreme, we can restrict light and solar gain in varying proportions, and add colour or reflections into products. For areas covering floor slabs or offices, there are complimentary glass options to either contrast with the glazing, or provide a similar look and feel. Most products are also available in impact-resistant forms that allow glass to be used as low level barriers and for security.

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